The volume of construction in the eurozone in April 2022 decreased by 1.1% compared to the previous month, according to data from the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat). In annual terms, construction volumes increased by 3%.
The data for March were revised up. According to the revised data, in March, the volume of construction increased by 0.1% compared to February, previously it was reported that the indicator had zero growth. In annual terms, construction volumes increased by 3.4%, and not by 3.3%, as previously reported.

In 27 EU countries, construction volumes in the month before last fell by 1.2% after an increase of 0.1% a month earlier. In annual terms, the indicator increased by 3%.

Among the EU member states for which data are available for April, the largest monthly drop was recorded in Slovenia (-7.4%), Hungary (-5.9%) and Poland (-5.1%). Growth was observed in France (1.2%), Finland (0.9%) and Spain (0.2%).

In annual terms, the construction rates increased most noticeably in Italy (16.9%), Poland (11.6%) and Slovenia (7.7%). The largest drop was recorded in Romania (-8.1%), Spain (-3.8%) and Slovakia (-2.5%)


will Europe be without gas?

also, gas prices on European exchanges again exceeded $ 1,500 per thousand cubic meters. The rapid growth began after Gazprom reduced supplies via the Nord Stream to Europe from 167 million cubic meters per day to 67. The reason is objective. There is no malicious intent on the part of Russia here. It’s just that the German company Siemens, which has contractual repair obligations to Russia, sent the turbine to Canada for maintenance. And now they say they can’t return the turbine because of anti-Russian sanctions. Now Germany and Canada are conducting sluggish negotiations on the return of equipment for the Nord Stream. So far – a dead end. Europe, meanwhile, is already spending winter reserves from gas storage facilities.

Sanctions, it turns out, live their own lives and spontaneously multiply. A couple of weeks ago, in Europe, on the verge of adopting the sixth package of sanctions, they announced the seventh package, which, in theory, could include a gas embargo in some form. Such a step is supposed to be taken responsibly – to create reserves for the winter, to find new suppliers for the future, but there is a ban on the supply of gas equipment to Russia – and, please, dreams come true. Sometimes suddenly.