The negative balance of the eurozone’s foreign trade balance (with countries that are not members of the eurozone) in April 2022 amounted to a record 32.4 billion euros compared to a deficit of 16.4 billion euros in March, according to Eurostat data. In April last year, the eurozone’s foreign trade surplus was 14.9 billion euros.
Exports from 19 eurozone countries to countries that are not members of the euro zone amounted to 223.9 billion euros the month before last, an increase of 12.6% compared to April 2021. Imports increased by 39.4% to 256.4 billion euros.

In January-April 2022, exports increased by 15.7% compared to January-April 2021, to 891.7 billion euros, imports – by 39.8%, to 976.8 billion euros. The foreign trade deficit amounted to 85.1 billion euros against a surplus of 71.7 billion euros a year earlier.

In April, in 27 EU countries, the negative trade balance with non-EU countries amounted to 43.6 billion euros, compared with a surplus of 12.6 billion euros in April 2021.

In the European Union, the foreign trade deficit amounted to 43.6 billion euros after a deficit of 27.7 billion in March and a surplus of 12.6 billion a year ago. Exports of goods from the EU in April increased in annual terms by 10.8%, to 198.5 billion euros, imports – by 45.4%, to 242.1 billion. Eurostat notes that the deficit indicators of the eurozone and the EU have become the highest in the history of observations.

Analysts surveyed by the Trading Economics agency expected a deficit of 23 billion euros.