According to information at 06:57 New York, the cryptocurrency exchange rate collapsed by 10.4% and remained at the level of $24.053

Bitcoin has not reached such minimum values since the end of 2020.

In May, the CoinCorner cryptocurrency exchange released the world’s first card with an NFC chip to pay for purchases with cryptocurrency. The card was named The Bolt Card. Currently, companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, KFC, Starbucks and others accept cryptocurrency for payment on the market.

Ether, in turn, lost 13.38% and is trading for $ 1,264.14.

According to the information provided, during the day it decreased from 28 thousand 277 US dollars to 23 thousand 768 US dollars for one bitcoin. At the time of writing this material, bitcoin cost 23 thousand 871 US dollars.

It is worth noting that many banks are wary of cryptocurrencies. The users themselves also treat them ambiguously, since there are concerns about the stability of this financial instrument.