Russia will benefit from the situation that is developing on the world oil market due to the sanctions imposed against it – the corresponding opinion for the publication Časopis argument was expressed by Czech economist Ilona Shviglikova.

According to her, even if Russia has to sell its oil at a certain discount, prices for it will still be more profitable than a year ago. “To think that such a policy will break the Russian Federation is absurd, and, most likely, it will only lead to further economic difficulties in the EU,” the expert stressed.

She pointed out that the oil embargo is a maneuver that will have serious consequences for the European Union, and suggested that they will be much worse for the EU than for Russia, which will easily find alternative markets.

The European Union will face the task of replacing Russian oil at the expense of other sources, and in such a way as to also solve an incredibly difficult logistics problem: it is necessary to find additional supplies, tankers and refinery capacities, she noted. Theoretically, this rebus is solvable, but there is a high probability that all this, including against the background of the current tense situation in the oil market, will lead to an increase in oil prices, the expert said.

Showing its ideological rigidity, the EU raises oil prices for itself. Moreover, being a poor region in terms of raw materials, which depends on the import of various kinds of raw materials, Europe is engaged in amazing self-destruction right before our eyes

The expert also said that with its steps motivated by ideology, the EU raises the price of oil for itself. At the same time, the European region itself is poor in terms of reserves of raw materials, and the countries of the community depend on their supplies, the economist noted.

Earlier, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Barrel, said that after the introduction of a partial embargo on Russian oil, the EU will not be able to prevent Russia from selling oil to third countries.